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Wise, WTF!?
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Own my first ever product and my first ever published work!

I created "Depravity" because I was thinking about having fun with lighting and latex materials. So I thought, why not an orgy? Right after that, I got tons of praise for this work, which skyrocketed my interest in creating more and more art.

This work is very special to me, because it allowed me to work with one of my favourite musicians, ALEX. A more PG version of this now adorns the cover album for his single called "UNDERWORLD", which you can listen to on Spotify, right here, right now!

What a better way, I thought, to inaugurate my first store than to sell this as an art print?

The prints are handled by Printful and the purchase is handled through this Gumroad. For any issue please send me an email on, unless you know me on Discord, you can DM there just as well.

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Each purchase includes the digital version of the image.

16" x 20" (40.64cm x 50.8cm)
260gr, slightly glossy photographic paper


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